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A floating sensation
By creating space between the body and the strap, the Wraplift introduces a floating sensation to the strap for improved comfort, leading to easier breaths and resultant resonant sounds.

Genuine Leather/Suede (Reversible Design)

5,000 yen (before tax)

  • Black
one size
Sax Cl BCl

Mouthpiece Patches

Unbelievably thin, maximal effects
A patch designed to protect the mouthpiece and prevent teeth slippage.
Made in collaboration with renowned saxophonist, Nobuya Sugawa, who helped evaluate hundreds of materials to find the perfect one.

680 yen (before tax)

5,500 yen (before tax) [ 10Pack ]

  • White


Pursuit of optimal comfort
A cover that attaches to the clarinet thumb rest for use with a neckstrap.
The optimal cushioning and surface area frees the right thumb that leads to a freer, resonant sound.

Genuine Leather

3,800 yen (before tax)

  • Black
compatible w/all types of thumb rests

Vinyl Tubing -for Safety Hook versions-

Vinyl tubing is a consumable item
The vinyl tubing is necessary to protect the hook ring of the saxophone.Please replace the vinyl tubing if there’s noticeable wear or loss in this part.

150 yen (before tax) [ 10Pack ]