Our Commitment

From design to manufacturing processes, we’re committed to delivering feature-rich and durable products through uncompromising efforts.


デザイン : a unique design

The Front Bar and Auxiliary Strap were born from the pursuit of deeper breaths, lighter sensation of the instrument, and richer sound. These design components continually influence how a strap should function. The effects of the strap on the body and performance have been a subject of concern and research. The unique form of the strap has become a distinctive part of the design.

特許を取得 : our patents

The BREATHTAKING Strap’s unique design and Front Bar have registered patents with the following countries:

  • Japan: No. 4231896, No. 4296228
  • Germany: No. 60-2007-037-391.3
  • France: No. 2116994
  • United States: No. 8978945


革 : the leather

When choosing leather, we evaluate each specimen in person, testing them through multiple scenarios to obtain confidence in utilizing one for the manufacture of a strap. The visual aspects of multiple specimen may all exude quality but when made into a strap, they exhibit entirely different properties in use. Hence, we prioritize the initial fit of the leather, how it translates to the perceived weightlessness of the instrument, and how it affects overall breathing. BREATHTAKING emphasizes optimal selection of materials and parts, while using distinctive manufacturing processes to bring out the inherent properties of the leather used to the highest degree.

パーツ : the hardware

These include metal hardware and their respective coating and type of cushioning used among other secondary materials. The leather is not the only component that affects the quality of our products. Each hardware affects sound, function, durability, and fit and hence, they must be selectively chosen for the resulting product(s).


職人 : our craftsmanship

Each BREATHTAKING Strap is manufactured through painstaking efforts by highly experienced leather craftsmen, ones that can meet or exceed our numerous detailed demands and expectations. A product made haphazardly will not reliably bring forth the full effects of the strap. Each product reflects the undeniable knowledge and skills of our craftsmen.

作業工程 : manufacturing process

There are numerous steps in the manufacture of one single strap, each process scrutinized and optimized by our skilled craftsmen. Thread processing after sewing is one example. To prevent irritation of bare skin or garments, each cut end of threading is pulled through by hand to the outer leather side. These delicate and detailed processes culminate in a product of the highest quality, both functionally and aesthetically.