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  • 5/6

    Miho Sumiya

    I’ve been a user of the BREATHTAKING Straps since high school. The strap has allowed me to breathe in more smoothly and has relieved my shoulder tension,
    both of which were issues I’ve struggled with for a very long time. When I used other straps due to leaving the BREATHTAKING Strap home by accident,
    I couldn’t breathe well and my body tensed up, causing resonance in my sound to diminish.
    In moments like these, I’ve come to further acknowledge and realize just how supportive the BREATHTAKING Straps have been to my playing.
    The strap has noticeable effects to overall performance, just as any changes to the parts or fundamental equipment of the saxophone would have.
    I love that we can play on soprano saxophone down to baritone saxophone with just one strap. As such, there’s no other strap I can see myself using.

    Soprano saxophone, Lumie Saxophone Quartet
    First prize, 9th Slovenia International Saxophone Competition
    Second prize, 34th Japan Wind and Percussion Competition,

  • 5/7

    Hitoshi Suzuki

    I encountered the BREATHTAKING Strap 10 years ago. Having reached 60 years of age in 2023, I have since then also acquired a red strap for performance use.
    Whether I perform standing as a soloist or play in an orchestra/ensemble while sitting, my body feels no constriction and the breath enters freely into the instrument.
    I can control the instrument in the most natural manner while the strap conforms perfectly to my body. I feel virtually no stress on the body.
    I love the tasteful design but most of all, I'm enamored by the resonance gained in my sound.
    I'm utterly shocked by how much the depth of expression is expanded by just the use of this strap.
    I look forward to continuing to use the strap as my trusted partner every step of the way.

    Principal Bassoon, Japan Philharmonic Orchestra
    Bassoon Chair, Custon Winds Quintet
    Adjunct Instructor, Senzoku Gakuen College of Music

  • 5/13

    Yasuto Tanaka

    Thanks to the BREATHTAKING Saxophone Strap Lithe, stress on my neck has gone and shoulder tension drastically reduced.
    The air seems to go straight into the instrument because the strap doesn't tighten the throat.
    As I am relaxed when performing, tonguing and fingering seem like second nature.
    Breathing makes all the difference.
    Lithe is the second most important item next to my instruments.

    Instructor, Kunitachi University of Music
    Instructor, Aichi University of Arts
    Guest Lecturer, Showa University of Music
    Guest Lecturer, Sapporo Otani University
    Guest Lecturer, Nagoya University of Music
    Concertmaster, Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra
    Baritone saxophone, Trouvère Quartet