a contoured fit with a gentle touch on the body

By conforming to the body, the strap helps make the instrument feel lighter,
allowing for a larger degree of freedom and tonal expression.


BREATHTAKING Strap Lithe Premium

Standard Hook

23,500 yen (before tax)

  • Black

BREATHTAKING Strap Lithe Premium

Standard Hook

23,500 yen (before tax)

  • Dark Brown

The 4 reasons that lead to: – a deeper breath
– a lighter feel – a richer sound


Avoids pulling on the neck

Designed to sit on the outer line of the shoulders,
the strap frees the neck from the weight of the instrument(s).


Constriction-free playing

By utilizing the Front Bar,
the neck becomes free from constriction.


Opens the chest and improves alignment

By employing a design conducive to maintaining proper posture, the chest area becomes free in performance.


Distributes the weight of the instrument

Supple genuine leather and the side Auxiliary Strap help relieve the weight of the instrument from the body.


1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1Outer Leather
We chose the optimal leather through a discriminatory process with emphasis on resonance and fitment properties.
2Inner Leather and Suede
A suede layer (bassoon version exclusive) is used to simulate a soft and floating impression that prevents slippage for added stability.
3Front Bar
With a calculated length to minimize overall stress on the body, the Front Bar can be easily adjusted to the preference of the player.
*patent obtained
A triangular shape to quickly make adjustments, employing a zigzag cut on both sides to prevent slippage.
5Front Cord
The strap can be used with or without a balancer attachment on the bassoon. Should the Front Cord be too long, adjustments can be made.
We chose materials that are crucial to the resultant resonance of sound and coated it with an original formula.
7Auxiliary Strap
The downward pull of the back portion of strap and the resulting friction helps keep the strap in optimal playing position. For the ribbon portion, we chose materials that have a soft, pleasant touch on the body that moves freely with the player’s body motions.
*patent obtained

Manufacturing Process

To maximize the supple properties of the highest grade genuine leather we use, multiple checks are executed at every step in the production process, heavily scrutinized by our skilled craftsmen who delicately make each strap by hand.

Vachetta Leather

A full-grained, vegetable-tanned leather produced through a traditional, painstaking process that's practiced by a select few craftsmen in the Toscana region of Italy.


BREATHTAKING has obtained patents for the design of the Front Bar and the Auxiliary Strap.

Sizing Guide

Choosing the proper size is essential in reaping the full benefits of the strap.

Usage Guide

Proper usage and positioning of the strap is critical for a positive experience.



By creating space between the body and the strap, the Wraplift introduces a floating sensation to the strap for improved comfort, leading to easier breaths and resultant resonant sounds.

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