Our Facilities

Introducing facilities related to the creation of our products

Main Office – Hiroshima, JP

In addition to being our administrative headquarters, our main office is involved in production control, product management, shipping, as well as research and development. A safe and sanitary workspace allows for thorough inspection of products, enabling us to maintain a high level of consistency with each product from creation to shipping. Prototype development, performance tests, examination, and research into the body, sound, and performance are carried out on a regular basis.

Atelier – Tokyo, JP

The Atelier is a workshop for development, research, and artist relations. The Atelier works in tandem with the Main Office in research and development and was established in 2017 to spearhead the pursuit of originality and innovation. Functions include marketing, product design, and branding.

Manufacturing Workshop – JP

Highly skilled Japanese craftsmen make each strap by hand. We firmly believe that “every process will be reflected in the product” and strive to leave no detail left unturned. By manufacturing at a high level of consistency, we’re able to deliver a quality, feature-rich product.