Wraplift Limited Edition 2022

A long awaited color-model Pair it with red straps for a matched look Or use it an accent piece

2022. 12. 16 On Sale

Production completed item

Sax Cl BCl Fg


A floating sensation
By creating space between the body and the strap, the Wraplift introduces a floating sensation to the strap for improved comfort, leading to easier breaths and resultant resonant sounds.

Genuine Leather/Suede (Reversible Design)

6,500 yen (before tax)

  • Red
one size

Effects of the Wraplift


Improved Air Stream

Designed to be responsive along the contour of the body, the Wraplift expands the neck and chest areas for more seamless breathing.


Lighter Feeling Instrument

Designed with choice materials to optimally disperse the weight of the instrument and essentially “float” the strap for a lighter feeling instrument.


Prevents Slippage

Employing both suede and genuine leather, the Wraplift can be used reversibly to prevent slippage over the body.