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  • Motoko Kawamura

    Principal Bassoon, New Japan Philharmonic
    Adjunct Instructor, Tokyo University of the Arts
    Adjunct Instructor, Nihon University College of Art

    I have two drawers full of various straps but these past few years I've been settling on using the BREATHTAKING Strap. I gravitate towards the BREATHTAKING Strap due to the superior fit to the body, high stability that prevents sway of the instrument, an improved sound, all without loss of concentration in performance when using the BREATHTAKING Strap, a strap I have the utmost trust in. I've been using the strap since its first iteration, and subsequent versions of the strap bring noticeable improvements that give confidence to the performer, that it will continue to evolve with the performer's demands. I'll not only continue to use the BREATHTAKING Strap but also be one of their biggest advocates and fans.

  • Hitoshi Suzuki

    Principal Bassoon, Japan Philharmonic Orchestra
    Bassoon Chair, Custon Winds Quintet
    Adjunct Instructor, Senzoku Gakuen College of Music

    I encountered the BREATHTAKING Strap 10 years ago. Having reached 60 years of age in 2023, I have since then also acquired a red strap for performance use.
    Whether I perform standing as a soloist or play in an orchestra/ensemble while sitting, my body feels no constriction and the breath enters freely into the instrument.
    I can control the instrument in the most natural manner while the strap conforms perfectly to my body. I feel virtually no stress on the body.
    I love the tasteful design but most of all, I'm enamored by the resonance gained in my sound.
    I'm utterly shocked by how much the depth of expression is expanded by just the use of this strap.
    I look forward to continuing to use the strap as my trusted partner every step of the way.

  • Yuka Sukeno

    Bassoon, Orchestre de Paris

    I've been using the BREATHTAKING Strap for over 10 years.
    Before this, I've always had issues with shoulder and hip pain but after switching over to the strap, the reduction of stress on my body was apparent. I can breathe freely without any obstruction and just keep playing on and on.
    I can concentrate 100% on my performance since I'm not distracted by any stresses on my body. I never thought a singular strap could bestow such a significant change.
    I'm also attracted to the beautiful design, usage of quality materials and detailed stitching.

  • Yukuko Tayoshi

    Assistant Principal Bassoon, Japan Philharmonic Orchestra
    Instructor, Da Capo Music School

    I first encountered the BREATHTAKING Strap when my repair tech mentioned that they had a good strap and if I was interested in trying it out.
    There's virtually no weight or pressure from the instrument on the shoulders or back and I was able to use my upper body freely, an entirely new sensation that made me decide "this is the one" and I have been using the strap ever since.
    My physical therapist that I visit once or twice each month even asked if I've taken time off of my instrument since my back and shoulders were much improved, leading me to believe that the effects of the stap may be larger than I myself realize.
    I'm happy to discover a product that allows me to focus on my music fully, allowing me to become one with my instrument.
    The care and passion of the creators are evident through their products; it's truly a strap I can trust.

  • Yota Minakami

    Principal bassoon, Tokyo City Philharmonic
    Assitant Concertmaster, Panda Wind Orchestra
    Adjunct Instructor, Senzoku Gakuen College of Music
    Bassoon, MLM National Orchestra

    I received a hand-me-down from a colleague and have since been using it constantly for many years.
    For bassoon playing, the weight of the instrument makes balancing the instrument very diifuclt but I felt that the BREATHTAKING strap smoothly and firmly supported this position.
    Every time I put it on, it's reminiscent of putting on a sports jersey, flipping a switch on and mentally preparing me for the upcoming match; a true partner.
    The strap exudes elevated design, wearable like a fashion accessory.
    One can ideally collect many different color options and then coordinate them with his/her outfit; a slight ambition I carry.